Permanent Skrew Anchor

New generation of permanent anchor; Skrew at the METS

European première for Sea Tech & Fun Europe’s new range of Skrew permanent moorings at the METS Amsterdam from 16th to 18th November. This new generation range will be marketed as of 2011. The choice of the METS answers Sea Tech & Fun Europe’s new ambitions: to convert professionals after having conquered great sailors!

New_generation_of_permanent_anchors_Skrew_at_the_METSMore homogeneous and easier to « screw », the new generation Skrew anchor will also be extremely resistant in all conditions. It will allow to set boats up to 30 tons to one anchor only! By foul weather, it will be possible to combine several branches in the shape of a star and thus secure boats up to 75 tons.

The new generation Skrew anchor will as usual be respectful of the environment. Its purpose? To replace the mooring buoys which scrape the sea bottom and thus deteriorate them over time.

Manufactured with accuracy in hot galvanized steel, the new generation Skrew anchor offers an incomparable resistance for a very low cost price and less worries. No more problem of anchor and lines entangling, no need to look for a harbor space anymore.

The Skrew anchor is the key to solve these issues.

The Skrew anchor can be used in numerous ways. As Danielle Martin, manager of Sea Tech & Fun Europe, declares : “This anchor enables to fi x pontoons in marinas and yacht-clubs, to organize mooring or fish farming areas in spite of the harbor’s saturation, to secure secluded mooring. The smallest models even allow securing jet-skis, inflatables or buoying lines. Boaters, municipalities, renters, diving organizations, fish farmers, shipyards... Everyone can adopt the Skrew”.

Many people think that a helicoids anchor such as the Skrew anchor are complicated to install. With full knowledge of the facts, Sea Tech & Fun Europe offers sedimentary assessments as well as its own diving team and its Skrewmatic ® hydraulic machine, for professional use.

The new generation Skrew anchor will be presented on Ubifrance booth, location 04.528, Hall 4. The exhibitor will also display the famous Spade anchor, Anchor Saver ® and its brand new production: the Spoon anchor. After the METS stop, Sea Tech & Fun will present its new models to the general public on the occasion of the Nautic Paris Boat Show from the 3 rd to the 12th of December 2010.

Permanent Skrew Anchor


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