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Anchor Saver® Plus

An Effective Release System for Lodged Anchors

Anchor Saver



The Anchor Saver® Plus is a universal cable with sliding release bar system designed to shift the attachment set point of your anchor from the shank to the crown during a break off, allowing your stuck anchor to be freed from an obstruction.

The precisely engineered shear pin is the key to our system. They are designed to break at a predetermined pressure bgased on the size and displacement weight of your boat.

With Anchor Saver® your boat is securely anchored until you are ready to move position. If you are stuck, Anchor Saver® will break you free. Once the Anchor is retrieved simply install a new replacement pin and your anchor is ready to go back into the water in minutes.

  1. Anchor Saver® Plus is extraordinary because THERE IS NO DIRECT PRESSURE ON THE SHEAR PIN while your boat is anchored.

  2. After years of extensive testing, we have determined how many pounds of pressure will be required to shear the pin for each anchor and boat category. Your boat will then have to be under power, positioned over the anchor, and moving forward to effect the break off.

  3. Anchored on a Tide change, our pin is designed to be stronger than the lateral pull of most Anchor Shanks. What that means is on a pull to port or starboard the shank of the anchor will bend before the pin will shear.
Anchor Saver Package
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  • 316 SS 3/8" Anchor Saver Shackle
  • 316 SS Slide Release Bar
  • SS 3/8"/16 Cone Set Pins
  • 700# Break Brass Shear Pins
  • SS 5/16" Nylon Lock Nuts
  • 24"-316 SS 1/4"-7/19 Twisted Cable
  • 1/4" SS Thimbles
  • 1/4" Copper Sleeves


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3 year limited warranty.


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